Blades of Brim MOD APK 2.19.14 (Free Shopping)

Run to become the greatest knight that the world of Brim has EVER seen. Dash into an epic universe where magic and mayhem await, filled to the BRIM with cool missions and unlimited weapon and armor upgrades available.

May 16, 2022
Size 151 MB
Version 2.19.14
Requires Android 4.0.3

You can become the greatest knight Brim has ever seen.
You can enter an epic universe filled with magic and mayhem and filled to the BRIM by cool missions and endless weapon and armour upgrade options.

PLAY as the heroic heroes of Brim and save the world from an invading army of Goons. Your magical sword will allow you to leap over the cliffs and hack and slash Goons and their evil bosses.

To upgrade your magical blades and epic characters, collect treasures and gold coins as you jump, run, and jump through the massive army of Goons.

To unlock more gear and achieve even greater achievements, you can race through ancient temples and dark portals.

Run to escape the Goons of Brim by leaping over magnificent cliffs
You can overcome obstacles and enemies on your way to greatness
To unlock heroes and blades, collect mythical essence and shiny gold coins.
– Use your awesome weapons to defeat the most gruesome enemies
– Make friends with unique pets such as elementals, wolves and horses.
Boost your equipment and level up
Perform fast-paced hit-combos to make yourself the greatest hero of your time
Subway Surfers creators!

This game is free and will provide endless entertainment that never ends. Take our challenge and start playing now!

What’s new?

Blades of Brim’s latest update is now available! We have spent a lot of time improving the game’s small details. We are always working on new content and fixing any issues you may be having. We appreciate your updates! Let’s get together and beat the Goons!

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