BitLife – Life Simulator APK 3.1.9 + Mod

It is a light simulation of real life. The game allows players to experience many different types of events. Different families may have children or grandchildren. Your attributes will change as you grow up, starting with a baby. You also have many choices. It all depends on who you are as a person.

Jun 24, 2022
Size 130MB
Version 3.1.9
Requires Android 4.4 and up

How can you live your BitLife life?
Do you intend to make every effort to be a good citizen? You could get married to the love of your lives, have children, and continue on with your education.

Or will you make choices that are shocking to your parents? You can live a life of crime or fall in love, go on adventures, get arrested, smuggle duffle bags and cheat on your spouse. You choose your story…

Learn how your life choices can make a difference in your life and determine your success.

Interactive story games have existed for many years. This is the first text-based simulator that can truly simulate adult life.

What’s new?

Citizens, there is nothing to see, only more bug fixes and routine maintenance. Our social media channels will soon announce the next major update.


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