Beholder APK 2.4.0 + OBB + Mod

When we talk about the design of a game, “gameplay” often becomes an important criterion. Rich game, allowing players to indulge them, thinking of all mind is the game; If the above performance as a judge of “gameplay” level, “Beholder” is not a “gameplay” is very strong Game (at least I personally feel), because after each time I close the game, I do not want to open it, and even desperate to find ways to forget it.

Oct 5, 2021
Size 365MB
Version 2.4.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up

Welcome into a dark dystopian future.
Beholder’s approach to moral dilemmas is very smart. It makes for some interesting decisions and playthroughs. Toucharcade

CNET’s Best Mobile Games of 2017 Featured

The Totalitarian States control every aspect of public and private life. The laws are oppressive. Total surveillance is possible. Privacy is gone. The State-installed manager for an apartment building is you. Your day involves making your apartment building a welcoming place for tenants who will visit and leave.

But, this is just a fa├žade that masks your true mission.

You have been appointed by the State to spy on your tenants! You have the primary responsibility of watching your tenants and listening in on their conversations. You could also bug their homes and search their belongings to see if they are evading your surveillance. Anyone who can violate the laws or plot against the State must be reported to authorities.

Beholder is about making choices. Choices that matter!
What are you going to do with the data you have collected? What will you do with the information? Or, will you keep the details of his illegal activities secret and allow him to correct them? To get the money your family needs, you could also blackmail him.


What happens is up to you: Each decision that you make will affect how the story unfolds.

People are not just objects. Each person you meet will have a fully developed personality, with their past and future.

It is not an easy decision: Should you be allowed to invade another person’s privacy? Should you treat the people, you spy on as you would like?

There are many endings to “Beholder”, and you don’t know where they will lead.

The additional story “Blissful Sleep”, is available already! **

Hector, an ex-landlord who was succeeded by Carl Shteyn, is being introduced by the Ministry of Introductions. It is time to tell the tales of:

The one who is desperately searching for salvation after making a terrible mistake.

Those who violated the law in pursuit of happiness now face the consequences

The one who gave his life for the State, but was left behind.

The one who had it all but lost everything

The one who mews!

Return to Krushvice 6, and serve the State & Wise Leader!

** Only available through an in-app purchase

* 3D Touch. Force touch will bring up the character’s interaction menu.
* Cloud. * Cloud.

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What’s new?

Dear Citizens!

Ministry of Problems Solving has another update that brings the following:
– Minor and average bugs are fixed
– A slight improvement in in-game performance

We are grateful for your patience and loyalty.
You are true,
Ministry of Updates

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