Beat the Boss 5: Free Weapons APK 1.1.2 + Mod

Let you release all the pressure from life! It is a decompression game that brings you the release of the soul. It has a minimalist operation and a very cool experience, allowing you to release all the pressure from life. The exaggerated special effects and humorous graphics allow you to enjoy endless fun in the game.

May 3, 2021
Size 159MB
Version 1.1.2
Requires Android 5.0 and up

This action-adventure game is a great way to let off steam from the same creators of Battle Bouncers and Tap Titans 2.
Shoot, aim, and destroy evil robot bosses with the new, smashing update to the legendary Beat The Boss franchise.

Do you have to deal with a robot boss who is nothing but a bully and cruel? They make you want to rip them apart.

Use your anger and workplace stress to create a therapeutic release as you battle against the clock and attempt to destroy Boss Joe.

Robot enemies can be crushed with new weapons never seen before! You can unleash the destructive power of the poop monkey or unleash the chaos of fireworks on your enemies!

PLAY the relaxing interactive office simulation offline and at your desk
FIGHT against 200+ wicked bosses that make your life miserable
LAUNCHover 90+ destructive weapons and increase your ammunition arsenal
UNLEASH the devastating power of finishing attacks against your boss.
UNLOCK More than 30 engaging and immersive hand-drawn stages

Robo Joe is on an aggressive mission to make your workplace hostile, miserable!
You don’t want Monday to be the same day you walk into your familiar office. Do you need to deal with unresolved stress from your last boss? Beat the Boss 4 is a healthier way to deal with workplace stress than yoga.

This interactive simulation action game allows you to travel to space and defeat aliens. You will discover where Robo Joe is from as you progress through the thrilling stages.

There are many ways to take out your enemies, including beehives, office supplies, and grenades. Don’t allow your android manager to get away with it! You can unleash the power of finisher attacks to let out your anger and have the ultimate stress relief experience.

Fight with Robo Joe and his machine friends. Get ready to have a riot as your guns are used to assassinate a slew of evil bosses in this hilarious fighting game. You can drop and smash huge weapons on your robot enemies and get that great feeling from hunting down your enemies!

What’s new?

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