BattleOps APK 1.4.8 + Mod

The battle is about to start, experience the fun of fighting competitive shooting. It is a classic and fun action shooting game. Flexible operation feel brings you a thrilling shooting game experience. AK47, sniper rifle, UZI, desert eagle, shotgun, grenade… a variety of combat weapons, experience different touches! Equip your weapons, the battle will start at any time, and experience the fun of fighting competitive shooting anytime, anywhere!

Jun 22, 2022
Size 45MB
Version 1.4.8
Requires Android 4.1 and up

BattleOps | Offline Gun Game
There are three modes, namely FPS Story Based Series (MPS), Multiplayer and Zombie with full-action.

Battleops is a military shooter in which you play as a former military expert. You must return to your senses when you have been unconscious for a while. You just need to figure out what your next steps will be afterward. zombie horde The world was taken over and you’re now in an apocalyptic universe to start with gun games.

Why Battleops, An Offline Shooting Game.

It’s an intense, offline game of military gun & shooter with AAA game graphics Incredible gunplay. After a lengthy story, you will be immersed in the action and have fun. There are multiple chapters to the game, with many levels. This game is fun and engaging.

Complete the objectives and you will discover new weapons, enemy types and bosses. Battleops is very intense. Action-packed game You can feel the thrill of war and action while playing your gun games. This is an excellent experience for casual shooters who want to have a variety of difficulty levels.

Highly customizable controls

It is easy to Modify controls You can play the game however you like. You have complete control of how you play this gun game. You can choose and change each rule from the menu. This makes it much more enjoyable to play.
You will be able to perform at a higher level. This increases the fun factor without having to worry about the difficulty of the gungame.

Multiple Game Modes

Battleops offers a wide range of game modes that will enhance your shooter experience. Each game mode has its own set of rewards and challenges.

Offline PVP (Player vs. Player)

There are many multiplayer modes that you can play, where you can compete with other players Offline. You can choose from Frontline, Team Deathmatch or Free for All PVP modes.

Zombie Mode

Are you able to eradicate zombies from the battlefield and make them play shooting games? They are powerful and will stop you. Try it out and see if this is something you can do.

Story Mode

You can find out more about Follow the story If you are looking for a more intense shooting experience, Battleops campaign mode might be the best choice. You will find many levels that allow you to discover interesting secrets and finally determine who your friend is and who your enemy.

Unified Game Progression

You will always get XP regardless of what shooting game you choose. Battleops will keep track of all your experience. You can choose to play one game mode while still gaining the required XP, or you could try all of them.

Battleops is a fun, intense and exciting first-person shooter (FPS). Immersive gameplay and great PVP!

Action Features:

There are 4 multiplayer options to choose from
* Controls can be customized
* Unified game progression
* Intense, fun story
* Offline FPS, Sniper and Helicopter Strike Missions

What’s new?

Chapter 1 Level 7 now available

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