Basketball Club Story APK 1.3.6

This is a full-fledged competitive mobile game that simulates a basketball game. The game combines a variety of elements such as battle, management, simulation, competition, and battle, and a variety of alliance card waiting for you to experience.

Mar 16, 2022
Size 35MB
Version 1.3.6
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Create your own basketball team of world-class players!
Do you have a specialty? Do you want to be a master of all trades? Or maybe something in-between?

You will need to create a basketball team and recruit some zany players. Then, you’ll have to compete against other teams. You are the coach!

Also, make sure you have facilities available for visitors and players to your clubhouse. You can mix, match and position them as you wish!

To receive exceptional financial support, sign up for sponsors For even greater rewards, foster them with the rest of your team!

Do not forget to reach out to your community fans by doing outreach. They will become more passionate about basketball the more they know!

You can create the best basketball team in the world with the support of your players, sponsors and spectators!

All your game progress can be saved to your device.
After deleting or installing the app again, saved data cannot be restored. It is not possible to transfer data to another device.

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