Babbel MOD APK 20.67.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Millions of people learn languages with Babbel — the app built by language learning experts. Our short, interactive lessons rethink old-school language education to get you speaking a new language with confidence.

Jun 10, 2022
Size 28.18 MB
Version 21.3.1
Requires Android 6.0

Babbel, the app developed by language experts, has helped millions of people learn languages. Our interactive lessons are a refreshing take on traditional language education and will help you speak a new language confidently.

We are more than a Spanish learning app. Are you looking to learn French, Italian or German? Learn:

Turkish | Norwegian | Danish | Swedish | Dutch | Indonesian | English

Babbel is great to learn for beginners but it also helps improve your conversation skills. *


Yale University researchers back effectiveness:
In 3 months, 100% of participants in the study improved their oral proficiency.

*Based on a Babbel user who learned Spanish. Available at

Researchers at Michigan State University spent 10 hours working with Babbel.
96% of learners scored higher on vocabulary and grammar tests**

**Based on a Babbel user who learned Spanish. Available:

PCMagazine claims that the Babbel language app “exceeds our expectations.”


Babbel is the best app for language learning.

Every course is created by language experts to suit your language. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian or French, as well as German, Portuguese and Russian.

BITE SIZE, INTERACTIVE LESONS – Learn language in a way that fits into your busy schedule. Lessons take just 10-15 minutes (some Spanish lessons can be completed in less than 10 minutes).

LANGUAGES TO FIT ANY SITUATION – Learn language lessons for work, travel, daily life and more

Learn to LISTEN, SPEAK and READ – Use these elements in language learning to practice speaking in real-life conversations

BABELL’S Speech Recognition Technology – Babbel can help you sound like a native speaker.

RESPECT WHAT YOU LEARN – Make sure to use the review feature to make the lessons last longer and ensure you understand the grammar (including Spanish conjugation).

LEARN LANGUAGES in CONTEXT – Enhance your language learning by using tips and tricks to guide you through lessons

MORE THAN 6,000 LANGUAGE COURSES Learn Spanish and 13 more languages with rich content, including over 60,000 language lessons

Babbel will help you achieve the ultimate goal in language learning: having confidence in real-life conversations. Babbel is the perfect choice for millions of language learners looking to improve their English or learn Spanish.

Learn to make learning a habit. You can go beyond language 101 and learn a language that you can use in real-life situations.



Babbel will require a subscription in order to fully use it. If auto-renew has not been turned off at least 24hrs before the end the current payment period, your subscription will be renewed.

What’s new?

We appreciate your feedback. We value your feedback and strive to make every learning experience better.

You can check out the latest updates. We fixed some bugs and added new learning content.

It’s worth a shot! Keep learning with us!


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