Archero MOD APK 3.11.4 (God Mode & One hit)

Archer Heroes! Enter a world where existence itself is eliminate you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of …

Jun 2, 2022
Size 235 MB
Version 3.11.4
Requires Android 5.0

Archer Heroes! You can enter a world in which existence is extinct! The Lone Archer is the only force capable of resisting and defeating the waves of evil.
For the ever-present waves of enemies, don’t be afraid to take on more. Remember, you can’t stop fighting until you die. Be careful!

You will find endless combinations of skills that can help you survive. You will need to crawl your way through many worlds, facing endless obstacles and monsters.

The Key Features
* Unique and random skills that will help you crawl these dungeons.
This new universe allows you to explore beautiful worlds and hundreds upon maps.
* There are thousands of mind-boggling obstacles and monsters that have never been seen before.
* Increase your stats by leveling up and equipping yourself with powerful equipment

What’s new?

– A new Normal Chapter 36 has been added
-Hero Altar now available
– Expedition stage cap raised to 500
– Summer Siesta Event added (available in 3 weeks from the update).
– A new Celestite Chest has been added
– Optimized Skill Set for repeated use in stages
– A new Monster Farm event has been added. Hero shards are now available for exchange
– Optimized Hero Trial
– Data saving function added; the equipment menu will auto-restore after you switch devices or reinstall an app


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