Arcforce APK v1.6.0

Arcforce – 3v3 Hero Shooter – this is an epic action shooter with dynamic team PvP battles. Choose your hero, make balanced teams and fight with opponents in different game modes. Explore different maps, master different kinds of abilities and win exciting matches!

Aug 8, 2022
Size 950MB
Requires Android
8.1 and up

A new arena-based PVP shooter for mobile that allows you to play fast and features powerful heroes. A futuristic, vibrant world that straddles utopia and dystopia is yours to explore. Unexpected teams of misfit warriors will rise to wage war and clash in fierce 3v3 battles.
Thank you for downloading the ArcForce pre-release build. You might see some differences in the final game content.

MASTER A SQUAD of MISFIT HEROES: Choose from a variety of oddball heroes including a mad scientist’s web mech, a Soviet mining bot and Diesel, the ultimate junkyard dog. You can choose the one that suits you best and level it up to unlock new skins or perks.

You can be the hero you want to be by personalizing your heroes with quirky and colourful skins that you unlock as they play. You can add perks to your favorite characters, such as increased defense, cooldown speed, and damage.

CHAOTIC BATTLES: Take decisive action. Blast your enemies with autocannons, or cut and dice them using Bladestorm. Keep track of your cooldowns, and strike when it is time to make the decisive play. You’ll need both brains as well as brawn to manage the chaos in Arcforce. One decisive move could tip the balance and win you the game.

BAND TOGETHER IN MULTIPLAYER3V3: You can play online with your friends, or you can matchmake with other players in live multiplayer battles. Find unique combinations between characters to create an unstoppable team. Because true heroes fight together, dominating the leaderboards together is how you can win.

FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF A WORLD ON EDGE: Rise up and fight for humanity’s survival in distinct battlefields created by climate change, including the freezing streets of New York City, the machine graveyards at the Sahara, and the glittering cyberpunk metropolis Tokyo.

PLAY NEW AND CLASSIC PVP MODES – Compete against other players using objective-based game modes. In Team Deathmatch or Hardpoint, destroy your enemies and score points. Keep your enemies at bay while you collect valuable crystals in Shard Rush.

FRESH CONTENT IN THE WORK: Every season, there will be new heroes, maps, modes, cosmetics, and rewards! Each week, a digital comic book on the battle pass will be available for free. It contains stories about ArcForce’s heroes, world, and more.

We want to thank everyone on the ArcForce Team for their participation in our pre-release build. Your time spent in-game will enable us to deliver the best-in class final product to our fans. This pre-release phase should last between 1-3 months. TBD.

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