Aerofly FS 2020 APK v20.21.19

Aerofly FS 2020 — popular simulator on Android, where you will act as a pilot of the plane. This release will delight players with new features, improvements and details that were not previously in this game. The game features more than 200 airports that are located from California and Nevada to Utah and Colorado. Fly over the vast expanses and find every time for yourself something interesting. Complete different missions of the game and get a chance to discover new planes including B777.

Oct 6, 2020
Size 47MB
Requires Android
8.0 and up

Aerofly FS 2020, the latest version of the Aerofly FS series is available for iOS. Aerofly 2020 offers more features, improvements and detail than any previous version. There are over 200 airports in California, Nevada and Utah for you to land at and over 300,000.2 miles to fly over. Are you able to land a Boeing 747 at a small airport? This is your chance. The B777 is the latest aircraft in the fleet.
Aerofly FS 2020 is for you, whether you’re a new pilot or a veteran pilot.

Important Note
** This flight simulator is extremely detailed and offers exceptional quality. You will need at least 4.5 GB storage and a phone with a fast CPU or GPU (e.g. Samsung S7, Google Pixel 2 XL and Huawei P20 Pro) Before purchasing Aerofly FS 2020, please ensure that your device is sufficiently powerful and has enough storage. **


* 22 aircraft were included: Boeing 777 and Airbus A320, Airbus A380. EC-135 helicopter. Robinson R22 helicopter. F-18, Dash-8 Q400. Learjet 45, C172. Baron 58. ASG 29 glider. Pitts S-2B biplane. B737-500. B747-400. F-15E. King Air C90 GTx. Aermacchi MB-339. Corsair F4U. Extra 330. Bucker Jungmeister S1 glider.
* More than 200 airports in California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado
* Copilot assistance
* Interactive, animated, and highly detailed 3D cockpits
* Night-time lighting of the cockpit
* Automatic navigation tuning ( ILS/NDB and VOR ).
* Realistic flight physics
* A sophisticated autopilot
* Interactive Flight School for the fundamentals of flying
* High-resolution aerial photos of the San Francisco Bay Area
* More than 300000 sq. miles of area flyable
* Easy navigation with terrain features such as mountains, lakes, or cities
* Adjustable daytime
* Configurable Clouds
* Adjustable wind, thermals and turbulence
* Replay system
* There are many view modes

What’s new?

This update is significant for Aerofly 2020. We hope you enjoy the new features.

EC135 twin turboshaft helicopter
Real-world departures, arrivals (STARs), approaches are available.
– The ability to search for airports
Start and stop of engines A320 and Learjet 45
– A320 realistic altitude callout sounds, proximity warning system
– Other minor enhancements

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