Actraiser Renaissance APK v1.1.0

Actraiser Renaissance – this is a great battle between good and evil, combining elements of a two-dimensional platform action movie (action in the world) and an urban planning simulator (world management)! Its original version, which once shocked the gaming world with the music of the legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro, has now found a new incarnation! Restrain the onset of evil and lead humanity to prosperity in the role of the Lord of Light and his faithful angel.

Apr 14, 2022
Size 1.97GB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

ABOUTActraiser combines 2D platforming (Realm Acts), with a simulation of City-building (Realm Management) to bring you the ultimate battle between good & evil
This soundtrack, composed by Yuzo Koshiro (the legendary composer of the original game soundtrack), is now available in a remastered version!

In a world filled with evil, help humanity prosper by being the Lord of Light or their loyal angel.

HD Remastered 2D Graphics – The game is now in stunning HD
15 new music tracks, rearranged by Yuzo Koshiro (Actraiser composer)
– New stories, enhanced action and realm management gameplay. Additional action stages. A new realm. And, you’ll find more powerful bosses!
– Auto-save, difficulty levels


Realm Acts – Strategically cast fire, ice and other magic on these 2D action scenes. After you have conquered these stages, humans will return to the realm to reclaim it. This will allow you to start cultivating your settlements.

The original game features new magic, as well as the ability to dodge. For a more dynamic experience, players can attack with both upward and downward motions. To defeat the bosses, you will need every trick in your arsenal.

Realm Management: Provide guidance and help humanity thrive by cultivating their settlements. Your magical powers can be used to summon lightning to cause earthquakes and remove obstructions such as trees or boulders that hinder the growth of your chosen species. Use your powerful bow and arrows as the Lord of Light to defeat the evil creatures that are encroaching on your people.

In real-time strategic battles, defend your settlements against enemy raids. These engagements can be won by carefully planning the placement of your forts, and timing your miracles.

You will be able to witness new stories about humanity’s struggles to overcome its flaws and failures. They learn to love each other and grow together. These new stories are more than twice as long as the original. Enjoy exploring the new realm and building your settlements longer than ever!

Yuzo Koshiro (original Actraiser composer) has rearranged all the iconic tracks and added 15 more. While playing Actraiser, players can switch between the original and rearranged music. Are you tired of raising and protecting your villager? Relax, enjoy the music, and take your village to safety.

*The game app is the complete version. The game can be completed from start to end without any in-game purchases.

[Supported Devices] Android 6.0+-supporting devices
*Some devices may not be supported


What’s new?

-Here is a summary of the changes:
– You can now change the outfit of an angel during cutscenes.
-Yuzo Koshiro further refined many musical compositions.
– Other minor issues were also addressed.

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