Police arrest illegal ‘Club Penguin” remake

Police arrest illegal 'Club Penguin" remake

Police arrest illegal ‘Club Penguin” remake.

Club Penguin is a game you might not have played if you were not a child in 2000. However, it’s a unique piece of internet history.

Club Penguin, an MMO created in 2004 to provide a safe space for children to play online, allowed them to create their own avatar penguins. You could choose from a set of phrases just like in Elden Ring, and you could also type freely.

However, this chat mode was closely monitored. People who violated the rules were subject to bans of up to one day. A team of about a hundred moderators supervised the site.

Disney bought Club Penguin in 2015, partly due to its family-friendly image. However, it appears that the game was already in decline. It was well-known for being hate-raised by trolls on sites like 4chan. They would gather purple penguins into the form of a swastika and then attack it.

The internet has made it easier for children to find attractive websites. In 2017, Club Penguin was closed down permanently. Disney released a new version of Club Penguin Island, but it disappointed many and was eventually shut down one year later.

Since then, players have attempted to recreate the magic of Club Penguin by creating their versions. Club Penguin Online had the most fans, but Disney quickly closed the site saying that it was a breeding ground of racism and child-grooming.

Comic Book discovered that another fansite, Club Penguin rewrote, was recently taken by the London Police. This is because of copyright infringement. A statement was issued by the police to Club Penguin Mountains. A Club Penguin rewritten fan page had been taken into custody.

“In the course of an ongoing investigation into this site, PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit), has taken a gaming website. On 12 April, three people were arrested for distributing material infringing copyright.

Searches were also conducted. They were released after an investigation. To assist with the police investigation, they also agreed to hand over the website control to PIPCU.

It appears Club Penguin rewritten over. Arrests like this will likely discourage further fan creations. It is not clear that Disney plans to rebuild the IP, so all penguins will need to find another club.

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