Zombie Derby Pixel Survival Mod Download Version 1.0.19

Put the pedal to the metal and get in the driver’s seat! You are almost at the end of the famous Zombie Derby series!
In a racing arcade, you’ll have to smash your way through zombies and other obstacles. You’ll never forget the zombie apocalypse. The task of eradicating zombies is now more exciting, colorful, and engaging than ever before.

UPDATED9 November 2021

Smash through Obstacles
There are dozens of obstacles and zombie types.
Zombies dogs are a real danger!
To survive, destroy other cars and buses.

Upgrade and buy cars
Choose the ride that suits your taste.
An ice-cream truck, a buggy, even a tank!
You can upgrade them with cool new stuff, guns and nitro boosters.

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival
Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Explore levels
Find out the story’s endpoints by completing campaign levels.
There are many locations to choose from, including desert flats and snowy mountains.
You can save your ammunition and use explosive barrels to do a lot of damage.

Complete tasks
If you have the chance, capture that zombie bird.
Sweet car flips are a great way to get more ammo
You are eligible for achievement rewards

Still reading? You’re still reading?
You must not allow zombies to eat your brain!

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