Wonder Zoo MOD APK 2.1.0f (Unlimited Money)

An infamous poacher and his lackey are threatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from their families. The story begins as you head out on …

Updated 2021/04/19
Size 51.36 MB
Version 2.1.1a
Requires Android 2.3

A notorious poacher and his assistant are trying to take wild animals from their families. You set out on a safari in search of wildlife and rescue them from danger. You will be welcoming them to the zoo, and you will help them grow up strong and safe with the help of your skilled team.

Wild safari game in the wild

* You will be able to follow a main story filled with adventure through many missions.
* 3D graphics to bring the story, as well as the huge environments, cute animals and enormous dinosaurs, to life.
* 7 maps that show the wilderness: jungle, mountain, paddock, polar, savannah and jungle

Create a customized zoo experience

* Rescue and rehabilitate various animal and dino species, and then allow them to join your amazing zoo.
* Collect rare species like the Unicorn or Phoenix, and breed them to create happy families.
* Decorate the zoo using plants, wishing wells and cute gift shops. You have a lot of options for customization to make your visitors feel the best possible social experience…with dinosaurs.

The app allows you to purchase virtual items from within the app. It may also contain third-party ads that could redirect you to a site.

What’s new

Numerous bug fixes and improvements.



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