Wild Tamer Mod Apk Download Version 2.35

Do you want to go back to your past lives as a Druid in the past? Are you ready for the unknown? Take control of your animals and be their leader. They will be.. frightening enemies, friends, and even guardians.

UPDATED30 September 2021

Wild Tamer is a game where the player assumes the role of an old druid. He will search for different animals in the territory. Once the beast is found, he can be trained to become a friend. The animal will do his best to protect his master in this instance. The representative of ancient fauna can fight back and then begin the battle. The user will need to search for weapons and gear to defend himself from enemies.

  • Wild Tamer Screenshot
  • Wild Tamer Screenshot
  • Wild Tamer Screenshot
  • Wild Tamer Screenshot
  • Wild Tamer Screenshot
  • Wild Tamer Screenshot

Cool things in this game: Unique story and great content Be a king by creating your own kingdom!
* Collect weapons, artifacts, and gain strength!
You can control your own strength by being stronger!
Enjoy a wide range of animals and quests.
Lead and fight! It is amazing to have an ancient army.
* Leaderboard supported! Check your rank!
Refer to your friends! COMPARE YOUR RANKING WITH THEM!

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