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Enjoy the PvP shooter 2021 war after. The end of the world as we know it was due to constant conflict between nations and decreasing resources. There was a shortage of resources and many factions would do anything to grab what is left. Respond to a call for duty and join one or more factions in a postapocalyptic world full of endless confrontation. You can fight in several fallout arenas, upgrade fighters, weapons and gears to dominate the globe and lead your division to victory. To unlock better equipment, you can climb up the ranks by participating in battles.

UPDATED5 October 2021

You can create a unique appearance and choose your side to engage in exciting online PvP matches designed for mobile devices. You can fight and customize your tactics depending on the arena, your side and weapons. You are called to action, so get ready for endless battle and use one of the many available shotgun guns to strike at your foes!
War after Crossfire Action Shooter is Free to Download and Play!

Online war
You can wage war against players all around the globe. This dynamic PvP shooter is your chance to become the world champion. It’s your duty!

Tons and tons of weapons
There are many deadly rifles available. Choose the one that best suits your wargame strategy. Crossfire with handguns and SMGs, assault rifles as well as shotguns, sniper rifles and grenades. Each weapon type comes with several guns.

Enhance your skills and gear
The wargame features dynamic gameplay on various maps that are designed for tactical warfare. Enjoy intense combat with other players around the globe and join in the exciting battle with them. You can improve your combat skills in deadly warfare, and you will be able to collect resources that will allow you to upgrade your weapons and gear

  • War After: PvP Shooter Screenshot
  • War After: PvP Shooter Screenshot
  • War After: PvP Shooter Screenshot
  • War After: PvP Shooter Screenshot
  • War After: PvP Shooter Screenshot

Stunning Graphics
You will find pleasant graphics that will allow you to get into the action of shooting: fully-featured 3d models for weapons, soldiers and stunning visual effects!

Amazing battlefields
Beautiful locations allow for maneuvers and tactics, but also offer charming fallout sights that you can explore and immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic universe during the standoff.

Simple Controls
You can jump right into the warfare battle with intuitive control and simple game UI. Embrace your duty!

Advanced Matchmaking
All battles are automatically created in the wargame. Just call your friends and tap “FIGHT” to start fighting. You can quickly start having fun by joining teams from all over the globe!

Tactical Crossfire
You can learn standoff tactics and pick the best shooter weapon for you! You can climb to the top with the sniper rifle and prepare for an ambush using the shotgun, or you can destroy everyone with assault rifles.

You can customize any gun and any clothes. There are many styles to choose from for each type of military rifle or war clothing. Your combat style is up to you!

Take control of the world
The division with the most war points wins. You can adjust your wargame strategy depending on the circumstances. Take control of the world and stop your enemies from capturing your territory. Respond to the call of duty

Beautiful visuals, perfectly drawn military and battlefield textures. A great FPS PvP game was created. In the PvP Shooter Wargame of 2021, you will find regular updates and new content.

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