Two Dots Mod Apk Download Version 7.9.1

Two Dots is the sequel to the great puzzle game for Android devices. The main characters are the points. They will have an amazing adventure where they will be called users. The player must connect the dots between the different colors to complete a variety of tasks. This second part offers gamers a complete story and slightly modified gameplay. To pass the stage, collect all circles with certain colors.

UPDATED5 October 2021

It is difficult because there are only so many moves. You’ll need to think twice before you act. Each level is more difficult than the last. You will have to overcome many obstacles on the field. The chains can be connected horizontally or vertically. All the elements of the shade are lost when you snap chains. Also, the circles within the shade are also lost.

Two Dots
Two Dots
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Graphics are doing well, but logic games are not the most important. The animation and design are both excellent, complementing a great visual. TwoDots is a great sequel to the arcade puzzler and will be a hit with fans of this genre.

This beautiful puzzle adventure will take you along two brave dots to the arctic tundra, through fiery jungles, and into the ocean depths.

* Play for your whole life
* This puzzle game is free and fun!
* Explore 3650 levels of fun and addictive adventure
This beautiful game about connecting is adorable and fun.
Enjoy minimalistic design and relaxing sound effects, as well as FX that offer fun sound effects and game music
* You can play at your own pace and find the perfect move without worrying about the old-time clock
* Challenge your friends on Facebook to a Two Dots match, beat their scores and earn medals
* Connect every dot in a single color by drawing a line, a square or a rectangle.

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