Tom and Jerry: Chase APK 5.3.50

Enjoy a thrilling game of cat and mouse chase. You can transform into Tom or Jerry. You can regain the joy of childhood with this game. You can choose from many characters to help you through the many challenges, perfect restoration, animation plot, agile figure that moves around the scene, brainstorming mode of breakthrough and more. Let’s get started together!

March 21, 2022
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Game IntroductionTom & Jerry: Chase is a casual mobile 1v4 game with competitive elements. It was officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and presented by NetEase Games.
This game is faithful to the art style of the original. You can play as Jerry and his friends as they attempt to steal cheese, or as Tom to stop them succeeding. In this game of wits and might, who will win? Enjoy the thrill of playing cat and mouse with over a million other players. Enjoy the thrill of the chase

Game Features
1. [Competitive, asymmetric multiplayer game] You can play as either a mouse or a cat. To win, steal cheese and trick Tom along with your friends. You can save Tom from the fate of never being capable of catching Jerry and help him become an expert mouse-catching. It’s never quiet!
2. Recreate the classic animation in HD graphics and high-performance. You will have an immersive experience with original music, authentic retro art, and lag-free gameplay.
3. It’s free to play and easy to start. A single game can provide up to 10 minutes worth of action-packed mayhem. To earn gold, complete free quests. This will allow you to shop as much as you like!
4. [Distinct characters, different items] Tom, Jerry and Tuffy. All of your friends are here! Each character is unique in their skills. You can also find many other items on the map such as photo frames, ice cubes and photo frames. You can use them to change the tide of battle.
5. [Interesting game modes, maps] Players have the option to cycle through many different ways including Classic Mode (or Golden Key Match), Fun with Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy Match or Beach Volleyball. Each mode has its own gameplay. This is combined with different maps such as Night Castle, Summer Cruise, Classic House and Summer Cruise to ensure that each game is unique!
6. Enjoy endless fun with friends! Play as a mouse to form a four-player team with your friends. Use the built-in voice chat to communicate with Tom, make changes on the fly, and show Tom who is boss.
7. [Fashionable skins and characters] Show your emotions and you will be the most stylish cat or mouse in the house. Every day, get a new look!

What’s new

1. New Skin: Mouseketeer Tuffy’s Sakura Swordmaster.
2. Themed Map: Classic House and Cherry Orchard
3. Rookie Offer Packs – Level-up and Grand Levelup Boxes


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