Skater MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

All of Skateboarding In The Palm Of Your Hand Designed by skaters for skaters, we teamed up with 20 of the most prominent brands in skating to create the …
DEVELOPER The Skater Team
Updated 2021/09/23
Size 30.7 MB + 145.5 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
All the Skateboarding in Your Hand
We partnered with 20 of the top brands in skateboarding to create the game that every skater has been looking for. 

Intuitive and powerful control


You can control your board and shoes with your fingers. The controls have been designed to emphasize the fun and meaningful aspects of actual skating. They also place a strong emphasis on the flow of tricks, runs and jumps.

All Tricks Are Possible

This is the first touch-based skate game to incorporate street tricks. Jump from Ollie to Switch, Fakie, Fakie, and Nollie to perform all the usual flip tricks. With the addition of body rotations you can also do tricks like Front-Side Flips or Big Flips. You can get even more tech with the latest updates, such as Late Flips. Reverts. Ghetto Birds. Impossibles. Dolphin Flips. Dragon Flips. Gazelles. You can link everything with manuals, nose guides and any kind of slide or grind.

Find and Share Runs

Skater lets you save your favorite trick runs and share them all with the rest of the world. You can also discover and copy other players’ runs, giving you endless ideas.

Get the Latest Gear, Already Included

You can choose from the most recent shoes and decks for skating: DC Shoes, DGK and Revive, Etnies and Emericaa, eS Foundation, Zero, Baker and Deathwish.

Real, Legendary Spots

You can skate at real-life spots like El Toro and Carlsbad Gap as well as Camp Woodward, Camp Woodward, Stoner Plaza, Camp Woodward and Love Park. There will be more updates in the future! Every detail of these iconic spots was faithfully reproduced starting with architectural plans, height maps, and photos taken on-site. This includes graffiti, street signs, and stickers on obstacles.

Skater celebrates style and individuality

Skaters recognize that everyone sees different things and each person will skate it differently. This allows them to blur the lines between single and multiplayer experiences, allowing for social interaction, unlike any other skating game. It’s like participating in the most important online skate session in the world…

You can skate at the most iconic spots in history, with content from thousands of players around the globe – whenever you like!

Say hi on Insta or email us any time; we respond to all feedback/ideas

IMPORTANT – The permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE are required to run skater. These permissions are required to access core functionality and an extension file that contains the majority of art and other assets. Only those who have access to the files can use them. Only purchase this app if these permissions are granted to you.

What’s new

Two causes that caused the loading screen to become stuck were fixed
– Fixed the tutorial stance bug
– Fixed selection decks in the showroom bugIf you have any questions, please get in touch.


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