Assassin’s Creed3 player defends the game as a’masterclass in storytelling’

Assassin’s Creed3 player defends the game as a’masterclass in storytelling’

Assassin’s Creed III has been around for over 10 years, and it seems like more people are starting to enjoy it.

Some aspects of the title have remained controversial since its release. For example, protagonist Connor Kenway still receives a lot of hate, even though some feel that he is worthy of a new game.

Maybe he and the rest have just aged like fine wine, but Reddit has seen fans rally around Ubisoft to show their appreciation for the 2012 title.

BlueString94 wrote, “Assassin’s Creed HTML3_ is a masterclass of thoughtful storytelling and immersive world-building.

I just finished playing AC3 for the first time since its release. It was far better than I can remember. The setting, story, and gameplay were all amazing.

Many others agree with you: “I felt exactly what you feel. When I first tried the game, it didn’t hit me. I also rushed through the story and missed the Homestead missions.

“I played it again many years later and made sure I did the Homestead missions. Also, I took my time with the story and side contents,” TheYhrite responded.

I didn’t expect to feel such an emotional response to the game at its end. While I have felt sad at the end of some games in this series, III has been the only one that made me cry.

” AC3 was my favorite in the series. It’s rare to find games that feature Native protagonists. It’s a plus that it doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of the Patriots is also positive.

Connor has put in a lot of work for both the revolution and the Assassins. He was rewarded by the fact that his entire village was driven from their land by some of those he likely fought with. I would love to see a more detailed account of his life and story.

There are many things for Assassin’s Creed lovers to look forward too, including Assassin’s Creed mirage being released later in the year. It has yet to be released officially, so keep an eye on this space.

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