Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk Download Version 7.3.1

Your Kingdom will win with the RTS war strategy. You can also become the most powerful king/queen in the RPG action realm of ROYAL REVOLT 2! Your offensive battle skills and RTS Conquest Strategy are the keys to your success. These skills should be adjusted to your RTS war strategy tactics, troops and regiments regularly.

VERSION5 October 2021

You can create an impressive tower defense that resists even the most difficult clashes with ease. Your Kingdom is dependent on your tower defense RTS strategy, armies and obstacles.
As your army of Paladins, Archers, and Werewolves, or even Dragons, tries to resist your strong army, you will be able to raid their Kingdoms and demolish their castle defenses through RTS. You can partner with a loyal Pet pal and a Royal Guardian to take on any epic quest or enemy tower defenses.

You can create better items with the Blacksmith, a tool that allows you to play RPG games in true RPG style. You can melt down any items that you don’t use and then collect Pearls. This RPG friendly blacksmith can later apply magical Runes for your defense and offense

Tower Defense RPG

A strong tower castle defense can withstand any attack. In RTS, choose the Troops, Obstacles, and Towers defenses that you would like to build your path. You can level up your Kingdom and select the best spells and items for your King/Queen according to your play style.

Forge Alliances

You can play with your friends, or join players from all over the world to improve your castle defense and to form a strong Alliance that can fight together for incredible boosts.

Regular Seasonal Events

To find out who has the best strategies and receives powerful Chests or Boosts, fight in Conquests, Alliance Wars, and Ninja Events.

Explore the depths of Castle Defense Town

The Blacksmith can forge your weapons. For a chat and loot, visit the Granny. Explore the mysterious Dungeon under your Castle to unlock powerful Troops

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