Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk Download Version 1.25.1

You can care for your horses and breed champions, run a ranch, and race for glory! Be a champion and restore the family legacy. From paddock to winner’s circle – Race on legendary tracks all around the globe, gain your fame, and climb the leaderboards.

UPDATED16 September 2021

You can choose your preferred playstyle and become a breeder or trainer, race manager, jockey, or another role. You are in control – you manage the homestead and decide when to upgrade or hire staff. What will you do about your grandfather’s gift to you?
Rival Stars Horse Racing is the place to start your horse racing derby search!

* Experience the excitement and thunder of motion-captured animations, filmtic races, and intense race commentary.
* Experience the entire horse racing experience on your mobile device with authentic and immersive gameplay
You can either compete for glory or hire a jockey for the ride – it’s your choice.
* Personalize your helmets, silks, or face to create a unique photo finish

* Explore open fields and wild forests in Free Roam, and go beyond the track.
* Compete against the clock to be the fastest in Time Trial mode
* Learn how to jump and discover obstacles throughout the ranch

Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

* Get the support of a stable manager when you decide to breed, buy, or sell horses.
* Each horse is unique and has its characteristics, pedigree histories, stats, and appearances.
* Use the genetic breeding system to breed your horses

* Get a trainer to make your horses champions
* Improve their speed, sprint energy, and acceleration
* Horses that are trained to improve their performance at competitions

* Restore your homestead to its former glory by using your race winnings!
* Get more stable stalls for more horses
To improve your horse’s ability, upgrade your training facilities
* Set goals to earn rewards that will help your team dominate the tracks.

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