Reigns APK 1.17

This game is very dramatic, players will play a king in the game, every one of your courtiers are trying to kill you, all you have to do is to make yourself live longer.

Game screen: This game style is great, delicate and delicate, very engaging. More strange is that the role of this image are geometric shapes with a geometric structure.



Updated 2019-10-16
Version 1.17
Requires Android
4.1 and up

** Play Store: Most Innovative Game of 2016

As a benevolent, or malevolent, medieval monarch of the modern era, sit on the throne and swipe your royal fingers left or right to impose you will upon the kingdom. You must survive the seemingly endless stream of requests from advisors, peasants and allies while maintaining balance among the powerful factions in your domain. Be aware that every decision you make could have unfortunate consequences later on, which could endanger your reign or family’s dynasty.

Every year of your reign brings you another request from your unpredictable kingdom. You strive to achieve a balance between the church and the people, the army and the treasury. Although careful planning and prudent decisions will ensure a long reign of power, unexpected motivations, events and bad luck could all bring down the most cherished monarch. As your dynasty moves through the centuries, you should extend your power, forge alliances and make enemies. Some events can span decades, and involve intrigue that involves burning witches or corrupt politics, scientific enlightenment or even the Devil himself.


What’s new

Corrections to a few bugs Support for 64-bit devices


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