Pocket Survivor Expansion Mod Apk Download Version 1.5.0

This is the third part of the RPG series of survival games. It received thousands of positive reviews and was loved by an amazing number of gamers. A survival post-apocalyptic survival game. This is a prequel to Pocket Survivor 1 & Pocket Survivor 2.

DEVELOPERGarden of Dreams
UPDATED1 October 2021

Fans of the series will finally be able to discover the cause of the Great Nuclear War & Standoff Doomsday. After which, the survivors of the Earth’s population had to wage a fierce battle for survival in the post-apocalyptic future.
You are the best possible stalker to survive in a country that has experienced a nuclear blast, which left the entire country in a state of nuclear war. The country itself was decimated by the Great Civil War for Survival. Your goal is survival in a small Russian city in the south. This was made possible by the Will of the Fate & Standoff. The Last Day on Earth will then come. Only you have a small chance of survival under such harsh conditions of the Nuclear Desolation of the Future. You can try to change the course of history, save the world, and claim the title of Lone Survivor. It isn’t exactly. However, I do believe in your standoff amid the ruins of dying Civilization!

The game features:

Advanced editor to create your Surviving Hero

Large detail city wasteland maps with dozens unique locations

This survival simulator is based on the Fallout and Stalker series.

Random text events that produce interesting results, whose outcome depends on your choices and external survival factors

A sophisticated and well-thought out loot system and more than 100 random interesting events for the Survivors while searching the ruins

There are over 100 types of weapons, armors, helmets and backpacks. These items, as well as legendary and mythical items, can help you fight off your enemies.

This game is perfect for fans of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat. Clear Sky, Metro 2033. Fallout, Exodus.

  • Pocket Survivor: Expansion Screenshot
  • Pocket Survivor: Expansion Screenshot
  • Pocket Survivor: Expansion Screenshot
  • Pocket Survivor: Expansion Screenshot
  • Pocket Survivor: Expansion Screenshot

A personal shelter bunker that can easily be improved and made more efficient over time. It will provide shelter and warmth among the radioactive fallout.

Radio post-apocalyptic in the spirit and style of the past parts

A well-thought out and elegant system for crafting items to improve survival in the Wastelands of Nuclear City

Real survival simulation. You will need to eat, drink and rest as well as heal any injuries or illnesses. You will need to fight the terrifying zombies, soldiers, stalkers, survivors and tagged vagabonds as well as the terrible mutants of this new world.

For beginners, it is not difficult to understand the pumping and combat systems. However, they are full of depth!

War of factions with the chance to join one or more of five warring factions. These factions are constantly fighting for control and survival.

A lack of a linear plot and the ability to explore the world by using indirect events.

You can either become a henchman for the Apostles of Sin or a living Zombie if you remain with them for a while. Keep an eye out for Zombies! The radioactive fallout has made pets bloodthirsty and terrible creatures.

You play as a Russian resident who is trapped in a post-apocalyptic world. Help him survive!

The game is currently in development. Only one person is responsible for the development. Send me an email if you spot any bugs or mistakes. I’m very grateful.

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