Papa’s Wingeria APK 1.1.1

And in addition to the basic business, but also added a fun to pick up the Hamburg game, and can more new clothes, slowly developed in the chicken wings shop Time, the shape of the characters can also use the clothes to get with, very fun, do not miss it!


Flipline Studios

April 19, 2021


Requires Android 2.2 and up

NOTE: This is a tablet-only game!


You have won a trip to Starlight City. Now you are in charge of Papa’s new restaurant. There, you will need to operate the fryers and cook chicken wings with a variety of sauces. You want your customers to be impressed by the presentation of the fried food. Make sure they have sides and vegetables.

The restaurant is well-known for its wings. However, you can also fry a variety other meats for customers. There are many delicious sauces available and lots of side dishes and dips that can be used with the meal. You’ll still be able to play the game, but you will have to pay attention to presentation and how to arrange the food on the plate. You will learn how to arrange the food in a variety of ways so that you can earn high scores from customers and big tips for shopping at the Shop!


Papa’s Wingeria’s brand-new edition features new meats, sauces and sides. For a total of 89 customers, you can now serve 20 additional customers who didn’t exist in the original version.

You can choose to play either Chuck or Mandi, and the “Papa’s Freezeria HD”, custom characters return with more hairstyles. The Shop, whShop has a wider selection of clothing for your employees. You can also purchase new clothing and accessories using your hard-earned tips.

Papa’s Wingeria HD now offers a dining room where customers can enjoy their wings. You can also hire a server to take orders and deliver food for seated customers. Hire Chuck or Mandi to be your server or make a custom character for your restaurant. You can buy clothing and accessories in the Shop for both your employees, so they can use them together.

After each workday, play Foodini’s Mini-Games to earn new clothes for your employees and furniture for the restaurant. To earn a rare Rare Prize, you must complete all levels. This will give you extra points to decorate your lobby. To complete your collection, you can finish all levels again and earn a second or third Rare Prize.

You can customize your lobby with new furniture designs and posters to decorate your Shop. YShopan can change wallpaper, flooring, countertops, trim, and even the decor in your Dining Room.

You can earn 90 achievements for different accomplishments in the game. These include serving certain foods or sauces to customers, playing mini-games and earning Customer Award.


– A hands-on wing restaurant within the Papa Louie universe
– Remastered and updated for tablets
Multitasking: Fry, saucing and building.
– Chefs and servers customized
Unlock 34 Ingredients
We have 89 customers that we can serve with custom orders
Shoppers and their shops will find hundreds of furniture and clothing options to enhance their decor
– Food Critics and Closers –
Shop upgrades can be purchased with earned tips
90 Achievements to Earn

What’s new

– Improved support for 64-bit devices
– Issues with missing/scrambled graphic on certain devices fixed




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