Monthly Idol Mod Apk Download Version 7.98

Monthly Idol is a pixel simulation game where the player controls young talents and makes them stars. The user will manage the production agency and recruit young people to create any type of musical group. Wards will perform concerts and gain popularity. The player must make a profit from all the money. Each group has a contract for five years. However, it is possible to end the agreement with a new one.

UPDATED1 October 2021


> Transform your small entertainment agency to a TOP global agency

The BOSS is the one who chooses a boy or girl group to grow your agency.

>The basic contract period for IDOLs is five year. They should be made TOP IDOLs.

You can renew your contract after five year.

> Record a recording using PRODUCING You can choose your favorite theme to share with the public.

The number of music streaming and records sales will rise!

Fans may purchase a lot of albums.

  • Monthly Idol Screenshot
  • Monthly Idol Screenshot
  • Monthly Idol Screenshot
  • Monthly Idol Screenshot

>Get noticed with the SCHEDULE You will become more famous.

You will be notified of a variety schedule exceptions

>Every Idol’s Dream Take the World Tour

Only CONCERT has the chance to win a Jackpot! Let’s see the fans using their light sticks!

>Cloud saving and Cloud loading

All data will be deleted when you delete the game. Save by using the google cloud saving feature at setting.

>Please load the data from google cloud after saving it by using google cloud save.

>After installing the game again, the data has not been loaded automatically.

Skip the tutorial and load data to setting

>Please verify that the data was saved in the correct data slot.

If you do not receive a response after clicking the save/load button please click the Google icon at setting. Log in to your Google account.

#SNS is constantly in progress for #Event Come!

#Please contact me immediately if you have any questions about bugs. We are grateful.

#NOTICE: There is no data backup available between iOS and Android.

Only android devices can backup data.

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