Mini DAYZ APK 1.4.1 + Mod

This is an amazing little game. Besst survival game i’ve ever played on mobile device – Players in the end of the world must find clean food, water and reliable weapons are likely to survive! Interested in the words to installation experience!

November 5, 2019
Varies with device
Requires Android
Varies with device

What is the maximum time you can survive in a post-apocalyptic environment? Mini DAYZ is an official pixel art rendition for the hugely popular PC survival game. It has been played over 3,000,000 times. All in-app purchases are non-required.
Mini DAYZ is a game where you are against the world. Explore a randomly generated map to find food, ammunition and other supplies. To create advanced items, you can use anything you find. Protect yourself from aggressive infected and vicious wolves. Most importantly, make sure you are well-fed and kept dry at all times. Weather can quickly get under your skin and wounds won’t heal unless you treat them.

There is only one rule: To survive.

In Mini DAYZ:

* Discover a beautiful, handcrafted open-world map in pixel-art style with distinctive buildings
* Prepare your character to survive and grab as much loot as you can.
Prevent blood loss by monitoring your health, hunger, and thirst.
* Continue to stay for more character improvement, perks, and achievements
* Create new items, grow plants, and create a base campfire-equipped with fences and fencing.
* Meet AI survivors, both hostile and friendly, to fight or avoid various types of ever-lurking infections
* The wilderness should be your friend, not your enemy. Use natural resources to stay alive
* Keep warm and find your way through the night/day cycle.
* There are no in-app purchases

What’s new

* The game menu now has banner ads
* Survival mode airdrops removed
* Video ads for novice difficulty have been removed with an adrenalin syringe
* Friendly survivor call in “Breach”, mode removed



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