Metal Slug 3 APK

Metal Slug 3 – the game is very similar to the counter on the console, who played, probably remembers. You have to destroy all enemies on your long journey.



January 31, 2022
Requires Android
6.0 and up

Android devices will soon get the legendary action-shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUGG 3” by NEOGEO 2D! You can use a variety of weapons and slugs in order to survive and fight your way to victory on the battlefield. !

This is not only a great port of the original NEOGEO!
This perfect conversion of “METAL SLUG 3”, includes an “ARCADE MODE” and a “MISSION MODE”. You can choose which stage you wish to play!
Now you can train in the stages that are most appealing to you or in those that give you trouble!

You can command many Slug vehicles like an ace.
Slug Mariners and Drill Slugs join the original Metal Slugs & Slugnoids to make them more colorful than ever! !

Clear all branches using the branching map system !
The “METAL SUG 3” branching map system lets you take a different route to the finish with every play-through. There is an enormous map of endless gameplay waiting for you! !

The Bluetooth function allows for intense cooperative gameplay!
You can double the fun of “METAL SLUG 3” by playing simultaneously with another brother-in arms via Bluetooth!
Are you able to overcome the most difficult stages with your friends



What’s New

bug fix


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