Magic Siege Mod Apk Download Version 1.95.59

This world is full of fascinating medieval wars that can be played in PvE mode. You can wage war with the armies from enemy kingdoms, build your castle, and take part in battle games to become the ruler of the empire. Download Magic Siege Mod Apk Castle Defender to play this offline multiplayer strategy game!

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UPDATED12 September 2021

You are a powerful mage which defends your castle against the waves of monsters. It won’t be easy. To defeat all your foes, you will need to use your strategic skills and the vast array of magic skills and magic scrolls that have different effects. You can increase the power of your spells by using the spell upgrade system. This will allow you to defeat more powerful monsters. The PVE campaign is the main focus of the gameplay. The game does contain PvE elements as well rivalries between guilds and clans raids and dungeons to farm.

Magic Siege - Castle Defender
Magic Siege - Castle Defender
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Key Features

Modern and timeless: A detailed Fantasy World filled with wonders, magic, and dangers. PvE Campaign features a compelling storyline, complex characters, thrilling offline battles and fantasy graphics. Upgrade your heroes and army, build and upgrade your castle. Explore the mysterious kingdom, and remember that only true Heroes can see beauty in the reflections of Beholder’s eyes.

There are tons of monsters and zombies.
Excellent graphics and sound effects
Weapons of sorcery
Scrolls for witchcraft

There are endless possibilities for customisation. You can pump over hundreds of soldiers and heroes. You can create many unique strategies and tactics by combining the skills of different units.

Raids, Dungeons, and Missions: There are many game modes available – endless dungeons; grind PvE missions; campaign tasks; guild quests; wandering monsters; epic battles – all with the World Raid Bosses. Every game mode adds to the gaming experience. There are hundreds of rare characters available.

Real Confrontation: Random Opponent Is there a worthy opponent? In our fantasy world, no. This guild system was created for gamers who are willing to struggle.

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