Island Light 2 APK v1.13

Island Light 2 – the game can be attributed to this subgenre as a “survival simulator”. You were wrecked and left alone with an unfamiliar island full of dangers. You need to build yourself a tent, or even a house, to get food and try not to be eaten by yourself.


Kobra Studio

July 28, 2015
Size 26M
Requires Android
4.1 and up

The island was a wrecked site. You will be able to combine survival simulation and stealth. The game will require you to travel the open world, protect, hunt animals, and build various buildings (houses, tents), etc. You will need to search for weapons (bows, guns, and machine guns), etc. Your only task on the island is living as long as possible.
> Get an ax and a bow, defend, chop trees, and make a tent so you can stay in the game.
> It will prolong your life if you kill animals and gather meat, bananas, and apples.
> The island can be explored alone or with friends.
> Connect to other players’ servers or create your own server in multiplayer
> Kill zombies with an ax or other weapons (bow, gun, machine gun) and take their heads off.


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