Harvest Moon: Light of Hope APK 1.0.0 + OBB

Harvest Moon: The Light of Hope Apk Game tells us that the ship suffered severe damage from a monsoon storm during their maritime voyage. Their ship was lost in a port city when it reached there. Okay, I’ll stay to rebuild the town and save our lighthouse. It’s not an easy task! However, with the restoration of aquaculture and agriculture, the preservation of cities, players can make new friends, build families, rebuild lighthouses, and save their town.


Natsume Inc

Updated 2018-09-30
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Please note that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope can be used with the following spec devices.
Android devices that have Android 5.0 installed
CPU: 1.9GHz or higher
RAM: 2GB or more
* Not all devices can be supported, even though the Android OS version installed is within the range.

An all-new Harvest Moon title is available for purchase in the Google Play Store to celebrate Harvest Moon’s 20th anniversary! Harvest Moon: The Light of Hope This game is twenty years in the making of this franchise the success it is today.

You are looking for a new start and new surroundings so you embark on a journey to start your new life. Your ship is hit by the monsoon, and it sinks! A young doctor named Jeanne rescues you from the chaos of the storm and you drift into a small port town. Although the city is now virtually deserted, you aren’t afraid to take on any challenge. You will have to rebuild the town and save it from destruction. But it will not be easy. You can still make friends, build a family, save your town and help to restore the lighthouse with hard work by tending to livestock and growing crops.


What’s new

An all-new Harvest Moon is created to celebrate Harvest Moon’s 20th anniversary!

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