Granny 3 Mod Apk Download Version 1.1.1

The grandma fearsome is approaching. Are you able to complete the task safely? This is an adventure escape Granny 3 Mod Apk. This story is a must-read for anyone who has ever had a frightening grandma. It’s difficult to predict if this game will bring back bad childhood memories. The game requires players to pretend they are a child locked in a room. Your ingredients will be prepared by the terrifying grandma. This is your chance to get out of the place. But be careful not to make any noises!

UPDATED13 September 2021

Granny 3: Hello!

Grandpa and Granny now share a new place.
They don’t do much other than walk around the house and protect their territory.

Granny 3
Granny 3
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

You must escape from prison before the fifth day is up.

Granny can hear you if anything falls on the floor or if your feet touch creaking floorboards.
Grandpa doesn’t have the best hearing but loves to fire his shotgun at anything that moves.
Granny’s granddaughter Slendrina occasionally shows up and tries to make your involuntary stay even more difficult.
If you do see her, don’t look at her. Her gaze can kill.

You can hide underneath a bed, under a sofa, or in closets. Please don’t jump in the moat.

 Be careful!

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