Evertale APK v2.0.58

Evertale — excellent RPG for Android devices with pixel graphics. Immerse yourself in a bright, fantastic world called Erden, filled with miracles, incredible battles and terrible monsters.

April 5, 2022
Size 92M
Requires Android
5.1 and up

You can catch and evolve monsters
Explore a fantasy world full of mysterious monsters to train, capture, and battle. This expansive open-world RPG lets you explore sprawling landscapes, vibrant cities, and mythical lairs.

You can join a group of unlikely heroes to save Erden from Pandemonium’s evil grip. Over 180 warriors and creatures can be collected, trained, and evolved to join you in monster battles that are incredibly explosive.

You can either immerse yourself in an engaging offline story, or you can build your team to compete against online players. You can battle it out in PvP leagues or form guilds with fellow players to unlock limited-edition gear and power-ups to help your team reach the next level.

Over 180 heroes and monsters are available to train and catch in this story-driven adventure.
You will meet friends and foes on your journey through the six regions of Erden. Each region has its own monsters to collect.
Find legendary weapons, accessories, or equipment that will help you boost your warriors, and give you an edge over your enemies.

You can create a strategy using hundreds of unique abilities to destroy your enemies in turn-based 4v4 combat.
Online PvP Leagues are available. Join other players and create guilds to find unique items.
Participate in weekly online events to unlock exclusive characters and get access to special unlockables!

Erden is plagued with an ancient curse — the Pandemonium. This shroud of evil descends once in 100 years. It can only be stopped by the legendary Crestbearers, but they have failed to stop it re-emerging to cause havoc.

As two young heroes embark on a dangerous quest to discover the secret to ending the curse and saving their homeland, you will be joined by the friends and allies that they make along the way.

What’s new

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


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