Epic Conquest 5.8e Apk + Mod (Premium/Mana/Skill/Rage/Point) Android App 2022

An amazing game crafted with love and burning passion by a small team of 2 guys. After 3 years of development, this game is finally ready to be enjoyed by everyone!


Gaco Games

April 13, 2020
Requires Android
4.1 and up

A great game created with passion and love by two guys. This game has been developed over 3 years and is now ready for everyone to enjoy!
Epic Conquest is an Action RPG for single players that combines a unique touch in combat and story. It offers an experience like no other offline RPGs.

This is not a “pay-to-win” game. All you need to do is ask. Best gears? Max Level? They are not available for purchase. Only you can make a difference!

So what are you waiting? Download the game now, and it will speak for itself.

[Game Features]

Amazing Hack and Slash Action!
– Strategic and intense combat. Find out the enemy’s behaviour and strike when you can!
-You can choose from 4 different characters with completely different play styles
– Fluid Control System! There is no autoplay Everything is yours to control
– There are 4 levels of difficulty! For even greater rewards, beat harder difficulty

Beautiful Story
Fantasy romance stories that won’t disappoint
Visual Novel style dialogue with character expressions
Beautiful CG Illustrations that you will find throughout the story
Explore the Epic Ending

Freedom to build
Classic Attribute Distribution (STR/AGI/INT/VIT) to match your desired playstyle
Gear appraisal that allows you to choose the build you prefer
Gear Socketing offers even more customization

Unique Skills and Perks
To differentiate playstyles, each character can have heroic perks (innate talents).
– Level up to unlock all 4 Skills & 4 Masteries
Skill Level System: The stronger a skill is, the more you use it.
– Mastery System: Use the Mastery Points to help you match your build

Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System
Kill enemy bosses to obtain the materials needed for crafting the best gear
Upgrade your gear from Commonly to Rarely to Epic and maximize its potential to +20
Assess your gear to determine the best status for your character build
– Socket gears using Jewels! You can become a Skill Spammer or Lifestealer, Furious Madman or any other type of Skill Spammer.

A Variety of Costumes to Collect
Buy costumes for your favorite character to transform their appearance and give them a boost in power.

– Beat the game to unlock all 27 achievements
– Level Up your Play Games account!

Cloud Save
-Epic Conquest uses Google Cloud Save to save money
– You can save data and transfer files between devices. Never lose your progress!

Other Amazing Features
– Beautiful, simple graphics from the old school
– Lightweight. Playable on old devices
– Doesn’t consume much power. 100% battery-friendly
– Offline. Play anywhere you want without an internet connection
-You don’t have to pay to view ads unless you wish to support us.

What’s new

Fixed socket capability GUI

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