Empire Warriors Mod Apk Download Version 2.4.21

Empire Warriors TD has more than 1,000,000 defenders worldwide and is growing! Empire Warriors TD can be downloaded on Android for Tablets and Phones. Register now for FREE!

UPDATED20 September 2021

Empire Warriors TD is the tower defense game for fans of fantasy and epic stories. You can command powerful heroes and use your strategies to build towers. Your vision allows you to combine all these elements to defend the kingdom against the vengeance of evil bosses and dark monsters.
Doria is a fantasy continent that Empire Warriors TD depicts where the Human, Elf, and Dwarf can live peacefully together.
The dark force, which appeared one day, brought the kingdom of Iora under threat with a rush of troops and beasts, dark wizards and hordes of monsters, as well as trolls. They also hypnotized Ancients from Silverlight Forest to make them their slaves.
Iora is in danger of being overthrown by the dark forces that are threatening to attack the Kingdom. You must lead the Kingdom’s fight against them!
Fight in the Woodland Forest, Greywater Swamp, and Slate Mountain. You can use your skills to create towers and command powerful heroes to protect the Kingdom from the vengeance of the enemies.

Empire Warriors: Offline Games
Empire Warriors: Offline Games
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Enjoy hours of fun with Epic Tower Defense Games!

> Command powerful heroes to protect the kingdom against the vengeance and rush of the enemy!

There are four types of towers available: Guardian, Archers, Mage, and Militias. Each type can be upgraded with five options. Along with your castle defense journey, secret buildings are also possible!

> More than 20 tower abilities Let’s summon fire dragons and other earth creatures to aid you in your castle defense battle.

> There are more than 30 types, from Goblins and Shamans, that you can defeat with your skills. Ice Trolls are not to be underestimated!

> 11 Heroes: Select your warriors to lead the kingdom and hurl vengeance for victory!

> More than ten different Runes are available: This feature is unavailable in any tower defense game. To make your heroes stronger, equip the Runes!

> A boss fight, unlike any other tower defense game!

> 5 powerful Power-ups: Your faithful supporters during difficult moments

> 75 Upgrade Stats to your Heroes, Towers, and Power-ups.

More than 100 achievements are available in this castle defense game that you can conquer!

> Competitive Tournament: Let’s find out who the best commander is in Empire Warriors TD with Infinite Challenge!

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