Dont Starve: Shipwrecked APK

Do not Starve: Shipwrecked – the second part of the indie game Do not Starve. In the new part, you will play already familiar with the first part of the character, whose name is Wilson.

November 17, 2020
Size 6.6M
Version 1.28
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Klei Entertainment has teamed up with CAPY, the creators of Superbrothers, Super Time Force and Below. This partnership will bring Don’t starve fans the latest single-player expansion, Don’t starve: Shipwrecked.
Wilson is stranded on a tropical archipelago in Don’t starve: Shipwrecked. In this new environment, Wilson must learn how to survive in a new environment with new seasons, biomes, and creatures.

Do not let the tropical breeze fool you into believing that the world is safe. The world may be different but it is just as unforgiving and uncompromising. These islands will soon reveal that there are many things out to kill you.

The Key Features

Navigate the Open Ocean by building a boat, and sail off for adventure!

Discover a Whole New World: This is the world that’s completely new. Discover new biomes that are rich in new resources. Find new food sources. You will be able to save your life by scavenging for food from a variety of creatures.

Brave New Seasons – A collection of seasons inspired by tropical themes will do everything they can to make you miserable.

Create New Recipes: Make a variety of gadgets that will help you survive on these harsh islands.

What’s new

Fixed crash during startup of some Android 11 devices




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