Dirty Revolver Mod Apk Download Version 4.0.3

You can live a story of revenge in the Wild West.
Your mother and siblings were killed by Wesley’s men during your childhood. 

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UPDATED20 May 2021

Your father, wounded, was unable to save you. He fled the city and taught you many years on the mountain. It’s now time to take revenge for the loss of your father.

Dirty Revolver
Dirty Revolver
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Game Features* Four different cities
* Different weather conditions. (rain, snow, sunny, storm, etc.)
* A wide range of environments (desert, snowy hills and green plateaus)
* You can personalize your character with a variety of outfits
* There are hundreds of missions to choose from
* Wild West weapons with various perks
* There are many enemies with different strengths
* The possibility to fight on horseback and on foot
* Story-driven gameplay that does not require internet.

You can enjoy uninterrupted action in the field or city with bandits.

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