DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK 1.8.13 + Mod: Ammo

FPS zombie shooting masterpiece, screen cool, excellent sense of operation



March 24, 2022
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Over 110 Million downloads

Non-Stop FPS Action Zombie Shooter

Prepare for the ultimate zombie adventure. This thrilling First Person Shooter (FPS), adventure will challenge you to fight for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

You can build your Hideout to meet the Gunsmiths, Scientists, Smugglers, Engineers, and Medics.
This is not just an fps game, but also a game that can be played for many months.
Plan a strategy for 33 battlefields and unlock 10 regions.
Save the world from zombies
More than 600 scenarios for gameplay war and extensive storytelling campaigns.
It’s more than any other zombie game!
There are more than 70 different types of guns. It wasn’t easy to kill Zombies.
There are few other games that offer so many weapons in fps zombie.

You can use a variety creative ways to wipe out zombies. This Zombie FPS Shooter is packed with evil action! We are almost all dead. Please help us!

You can choose between a touch control and an enhanced virtual joystick.
The best FPS controls in any zombie game
You can use brutal melee weapons such as the Wrench and Bats, Hammers, Katanas, Chainsaws, Swords, Chainsaws, Katanas, Katanas, Katanas, Chainsaws, Chainsaws, Swords, and Machetes!
There are so many deadly weapons in any other zombie game!
You can have powerful Pistols and Rifles, SMGs or Miniguns. Rocket launchers, shotguns and other experimental weapons are also available!
It’s a shooting sport, and we are experts at making fps games!
There are many entertaining and fun gadgets available, from mines, turrets to lethal chickens!
It’s also fun to play as a zombie; see our Chickens!

Each week, new Tournaments are held in Arenas. Style kills zombies.

MADFINGER Games is constantly pushing the limits on mobile devices. We are proud of our console-quality FPS shooter games. Our innovative approach to quality has been appreciated by over 200 million gamers worldwide. Since 2010, we have been creating the best FPS shooting games. We are the creators of Dead Trigger and Unkilled, Shadowgun Legends, Shadowgun War Games, first-person action shooters that have been downloaded by millions across the globe. Now, we offer this free-to-play zombie-shooting game!

What’s New
Great news! We have just released a new update 1.8.13.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the update.

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