Crab War Mod Apk Download Version 3.36.1

They drove the crabs underground when giant reptiles invaded their territory. They are now ready to exact their revenge, centuries later, infused in the power of crystals. Raize the swarm to resurface with a vengeance. Develop your army of crabs and exterminate the scaly creatures from your homeland.

DEVELOPERAppxplore (iCandy)
UPDATED21 September 2021

Crab War is a strategy that includes elements of action. Centuries upon centuries of crabs lived peacefully on their territories until the evil reptiles invaded and drove them away. The poor crustaceans spent much of their time in dungeons. After the crabs had learned how to use magic crystals to their advantage, they started to dream of the return to their homelands. The story begins at this point. The army’s head will consist of several dozen crustaceans and thirty-Queens. They will be confronted by several large reptiles, dinosaurs, and other giant creatures.* Create more than 80 beautiful crabs* Produce 33 queens to guide your swarm

Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution
Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

* Discover six unique abilities that you can customize with up to 18 talents
* Hunt over 50 uniquely dangerous reptiles
* Ecdysis, and be reborn using powerful mutations
* Take down the Wildebeast to claim legendary rewards
* Participate in tournaments with other competitors
* Modify your genes to customize your crabs in your gene tree
* Rely on the power of powerful allies like the golden ray and the killer crab

The battle for your home is underway. Are you ready to wage war?

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