CASE Animatronics Mod Apk Download Version 1.49

CASE Animatronics – This is a terrifying and difficult first-person stealth horror. An anonymous hacker has taken control of the police department. All exits have been locked. The power has been turned off. The metallic thumps are getting closer. Detective Bishop, will you survive?

UPDATED4 September 2021

You are welcome to the police department. Late working can have tragic consequences. John Bishop is a tireless detective who works late at night to solve crimes. A strange phone call from an old friend has you waking up from a nightmare and ripping your world apart. The security system has been hacked. All exits are locked. This is not the problem.

CASE: Animatronics Horror game
CASE: Animatronics Horror game
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Someone, or something, is following your every move. Dark corners are filled with red eyes, and once-safe hallways are filled with the sound of clanking, shifting metal, it echoes around. They are animatronics. But something is more. Find the culprit, figure out the cause, and survive the night.

Your salvation could lie in the object that you place in your environment. Animatronics won’t let you hide under the table or in the closet.

Keep moving
Keep moving, even if an animatronic is visible, you might be able to escape unrelenting death. Everything is up to you.

Solve puzzles
Find out what is causing this terrifying chaos!

Trust your eyes! Pay attention to what’s around you. Every noise could cause a complete change.

Use the tablet
To keep the situation in control, check the security cameras in other rooms. However, don’t forget about the battery life of your tablet and to use the charging station when necessary.

One wrong move can spell doom for you.

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