Boxing Gym Story APK 1.2.3

Train legendary boxers and win the championship in the world competition! This is a strategy sports game. Players play the role of a boxing athlete manager in the game. You can use the recruiting order to recruit legendary athletes, conduct special training on sports, sign up for boxing matches, and use the prize money to upgrade the training hall. Become a legendary boxing manager?



October 8, 2021
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Introduce a sim that packs real punch
Do you have the skills and experience to manage this struggling boxing gym? Boxing will get more people interested in it.

To cheer on your boxers, stand by the ringside. It’s impossible to predict how a match will end until the very last second!

Marketing is key to competitive sports’ survival.

You’ll get more wins and be able upgrade your facilities with spa baths and high-class cafeterias. You’ll soon have athletes lined up to join your team!

You can hire trainers to help you train your boxers until they are ready for the big world.

Your gym can be unique with the facilities you choose, making it the ideal environment to foster boxing talent.

Do not give up until your championship belt is earned!

Kairosoft’s newest management sim game will give you all the excitement of a boxing story with an underdog!

Touch controls allow you to zoom in and adjust the screen’s size.

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Kairosoft’s pixel art series continues!

What’s new

– [Now Available in English!]



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