Block Strike MOD APK 7.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Block Strike is a first-person multiplayer 3D shooter withblocky graphics and fun competitive gameplay. Play an addictive online first-person shooter action …
DEVELOPER Rexet Studio
Updated 2021/12/22
Size 97.96 MB
Version 7.2.3
Requires Android 4.4
Block Strike is a multiplayer 3D shooter that allows you to play in a single person. It features blocky graphics and competitive gameplay. Enjoy an addictive online game of first-person shooter action with your friends and other online players! Create clans with your friends and form a team to win in dynamic battles in this PvP shooter – BS. Modern weapons can be purchased, upgraded, and changed the appearance of your gun as well as your personality.  
This PvP FPS game offers more than 24 game modes. We can highlight these:
– Team Deathmatch
-Death Run
-Tower Battle
– Escort TNT Run – Hunger Games
– Zombie Survival (Zombie Escape)
-Bunny Hop (BHop).
-Surf Please check out the Prop Hunt Mode (hide and seek) Christmas mode.
You can either hide from the hunters or become a hunter to find an object imposter.
The particular mode for player 456 is the Stop and Run game.
This excellent squid mode is for those who are tired of constantly being at the top of the battlefield scoreboard.
Every day, more than 70 maps are used for dynamic battles! You have to put in a lot of effort to win the brawl, whether you are dealing small cards to a few friends or large cards to dozens. Spacial map to the squid challenge. You will need to tum or sop in time. Pay attention to the green and red lights. This war can be won 456 times. Doll Roll is looking for you. It’s a Survival Game that only one winner can win. You could make it more appealing than Candy Challange.
You can choose from more than 40 kinds of guns. You can test them all in the arena during PvP team battles in BS games.
You can change the appearance of your weapon by adding skins to it, and remember to apply a sticker. All this can be obtained from the cases, both free of charge and with in-game currency. These can be used to purchase battle tokens. Your friends will envy your unique weapon skin. Play today in this fast-paced online action game and get your free download! The BS mobile game is a version of CS that features a PvP team battle, but with excellent graphics and pixel guns!

What’s new

This update:
-Battle Pass
– Added
-Mode for Christmas Hunt Added
-Winter decoration
-Return snow map The ability to sell skins was added

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