Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Download Version 5.9.1a

Asphalt 8 is part of Gameloft’s Asphalt franchise. It features 300+ licensed vehicles and 75+ tracks. You can also play it online or offline. You can race in single-player or multiplayer modes. The car simulation game offers multiplayer and single modes, as well as different drifting opportunities on the asphalt. Explore landscapes and scenarios from the Nevada Desert to Tokyo.

UPDATED5 October 2021

There are many challenges and limited-time events, as well as different vehicles.

Luxury cars and motorcycles licensed by the government

Asphalt 8 offers a thrilling racing experience. There are over 300 cars and bikes that can be driven, drifted and tested on asphalt. You can find luxury models from top manufacturers like Lamborghini and Bugatti as well as a variety of racing motorbikes.
You can customize and design your own race cars and motorcycles. You can collect high-end A-list cars and enjoy drifting in new places and situations.

Asphalt 8: Get Airborne

Take the track and race your bike or car on the ramps.
You can compete against your opponents by performing barrel rolls and wild 360deg jumps. However, you can also play against AI in single-player mode or against an AI. To maximize your speed and get to the finish, you can maneuver through the air in your motorcycle or car while performing stunts.
Control customization allows you to rearrange your icons and controls on your screen in any way you like. This will allow you to personalize and optimize the play experience.

Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

There is an endless stream of content available for fast-racers

You can experience the entire Asphalt 8 game with additional content that is updated often. You can play different seasons and live events in Career mode. There are many challenges for both car and motorbike riders.
For a new twist on racing, check out Infected or Gate Drift. You can win top prizes in the Limited-Time Cups and early access to the newest cars in the game.

Multiplayer and single-race experience

Multiplayer action in Seasons & Leagues is possible if you are ready. Compete against other players to win points and prizes in racing seasons.

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