Art of War Mod Apk Download Version 4.9.2

This is a funny game that features a lot of amazing battles. Your role will be to lead small armies of soldiers. You must accept the challenges at different levels. Don’t forget about the bounty tasks that can earn you extra rewards! You are the commander of your army.

UPDATED24 September 2021

Art of War : Legions is a strategy game that uses minimalistic polygon graphics to immerse you in the battles between the two forces. The user must lead his army and overcome resistance from the enemy to defeat him. The commander can use different types of weapons and combat units to succeed. The gamer must place the soldiers before they can begin to watch the battle. You will be able to complete the quests and level ups, which will give you gold coins and other upgrades.

Art of War: Legions
Art of War: Legions
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Engaging Battles A battle feels more like a dance of war. We hope you will be a great commander and have lots of fun.
Additional Bounty Tasks These cool bounty tasks can be unlocked when you reach level 14. Completing these tasks will unlock precious gems. Some of these tasks can be very difficult.

Regular updates Although we are still a young team, we strive to make your gaming experience better and more enjoyable.

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