Car Master 3D Mod Apk Download Version 1.1.12

CUSTOMIZE VEHICLES IN YOUR OWN BODY SHOP Do you dream of being a mechanic? Are you a fan of car restoration and repair shows? You might be ready to play a more active part and fix up cars in your own garage in Car Master 3D mechanic!

UPDATED14 September 2021

Your auto body shop is open to customers who want to ply their cars! Your garage offers a wide range of services, including car repair, washing, tuning, painting, as well as other repairs. You can help your customers by collecting cash. This will allow you to improve your workspace, purchase better tools, or unlock new personalization options. Help your customers and collect cash to upgrade your workspace, buy better tools, or unlock unique personalization options.

You can restore rusty bolts to their former glory in your car restoration studio. This car-fixing game will challenge you and allow you to completely renovate every vehicle. It’s time to unleash your creativity!

For big spenders, fix fender benders. You can inflate your tires and choose from a variety of sizes and shapes of new wheels. Determine if your customer is a go-big-or-go-home type or if they prefer a lowrider.

All types of vehicles can be washed and polished. You can customize cars with your choice in paint colors, stickers, decals, logos, and other spoilers. You can replace broken windows and windshields with tinted glass.


This addictive, free game lets you become a mechanic in your auto shop.

Each car that pulls into your garage needs a customized service package. Upgrade flashy sports cars and police vehicles, as well as ambulances, food trucks, taxis, or other emergency vehicles. Your customers will be happy.

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  • Car Master 3D Screenshot
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  • Car Master 3D Screenshot
  • Car Master 3D Screenshot

You can make a living as a car owner by turning a profit. You can earn cash and win prizes to improve your vehicle’s performance, upgrade your equipment and replenish your stock. RARE parts, wheels, or designs? Go beyond the ordinary!

Learn the skills you need to pay the bills. Your repair skills will improve as you level up.

You will find a satisfying and enjoyable game that keeps you entertained and helps you relax.

For your most high-rolling clients, VIP cars are available at special levels.

Colorful and eye-catching 3D graphics.

You can customize your gameplay experience with the vibration option, just like you do for cars.

Are you a master at car making? Take this car-maker game for a spin.

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