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Age of Magic is a fantasy mobile fantasy turn-based fantasy RPG that features legions of heroic heroes fighting for the survival of an ancient magical land. You can now play the most popular adventure game, the magical turn-based game, era of knights and mages.

UPDATEDSeptember 23, 2021

Create your team of five heroes, discover their stories in Campaign mode, defeat others in memorable PvP battles, reach the top of Arena or Tournament, and show your skills in the Tomb of Horrors, a grim lair that is easy to get into, but difficult to leave.
You will be immersed in the magical adventure world of Age of Magic. Age of Magic will take you into a magical world filled with heroism and war, treachery and wizardry. You can become the real legend of the realm by joining this fantasy RPG game.

Level-up and collect legendary heroes to engage in fast-paced battles at grand arenas. You can choose from many characters, including Elves, Demons, and Druids as well as Dragonkin, Changelings, Ra’Archnes, Dragonkin, Druids, Druids, and Changelings.

The ruins of a world that was once floating in the void are swept away by darkness. Every night, another light beam disappears from the sky and is devoured daily by the Legion’s unstoppable demons. There is still hope. The Dragon Prophecy predicts that a True Mage will enter the Dark Tower to decide the fate of the universe. Could you be the chosen one?

Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy
Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Age of Magic gameplay

STORY CAMPAIGNS Discover the vast Age of Magic universe, pierced by the powers of light or darkness. Experience legendary heroes and epic battles against terrifying foes. Follow Roland the True Mage’s quest for the Dark Tower. Enter darkness to meet Sharazar, a changeling assassin who will do anything to get what he wants.

PVP Creates the ultimate team of heroes and takes on other players daily in the PvP Arena. This is not all. Every week, participate in the 24-hour Tournament. To win glory and incredible rewards, fight your way to the top! The spoils go to the bravest fighter!

LEGENDARY HEROES Collect 60+ heroes and equip them with powerful weapons and armor to upgrade their rarity and abilities. You can use different strategies to create your ideal team of heroes and build the best party in the entire world.

FAST-PACED ATTACKLES Take your party to quick, tactical battles in large arenas with stunning visuals. Every choice matters!

LOTS of Other Modes You will be tested as you face powerful enemies and secure unique rewards in the Tomb of Horrors or Valley of Treasures. You can join events to meet tricky characters with more difficult abilities and challenge your strength.

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