A Dance of Fire and Ice APK

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a very good music game! Use your sense of rhythm to control it! If you delve into it, you will find the vast rhythm universe hidden under the simple appearance of this game! Playability is very high.

Updated 2022-03-31
Requires Android
5.1 and up
A Dance of Fire and Ice can be played as a one-button rhythm game. You must keep your eyes on the goal as you direct two orbiting planets along a path that doesn’t disturb their perfect equilibrium.
It is difficult to describe. However, you can try the online free version first on your desktop computer if you are unsure if it would be something you enjoy. Features:

-20 worlds each with new rhythms and shapes. What does it sound like to be a triangle, an octagon or a square? Each world is hand-drawn and features its own fantasy landscape. There are short tutorial levels, followed by a boss level.

– Post-game challenges – Speed trials for each world, and blisteringly fast bonus level for the brave.

Play new levels free of charge: More classes will be added in the coming months.

– Calibration options available: Manual calibration and auto-calibration This is a rhythm game. Please use your ears to hear the beat.

WARNING: This rhythm game is challenging. It’s not note-spamming in the traditional sense – you must keep a steady beat, but it can be difficult to maintain a moment. Don’t be discouraged if it is difficult.

What’s new

Fixed bug in which emojis couldn’t be removed from planets.




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