TouchRetouch MOD APK 5.0 (Pro Unlocked)

“…there’s no easier way to remove unwanted items from your images…” — The Guardian “TouchRetouch is a terrific ‘remover’.” — Life In LoFi All-In-One Toolbox is a set of basic useful tools which help your Android working the best that it can. All handy tools on one small-size app. All-In-One

Updated 2021/12/28
Size 45 MB
Version 5.0
Requires Android 5.0
“… there’s no easier way to remove unwanted items from your images…” — The Guardian”TouchRetouch is a terrific ‘remover’.” Life in LoFi

TouchRetouch allows you to quickly remove any unwanted content from photos.

TouchRetouch can do magic!

Take out telephone wires and power lines from posts.
Surface scratches and surface cracks can be removed, both straightening and curved.
Photobombers must be removed
Eliminate pimples and skin imperfections
Stop lights, street signs and trash cans that are human-made should be removed
Take out anything that you think is causing problems with your photos


Mark unwanted objects to make them disappear right in front of your eyes.
Blemish remover can be used to touch up any minor blemish and permanently eliminate it.


You can mark a portion of a line only to erase it; the app will locate the line.
Segment Remover is a tool that can be used to erase a small portion of a line.
For better performance, set the line thickness to thin, medium, or thick.


Use the Object Removal Tool to remove distractions from your photos. Select Brush or Lasso and mark the content that needs to be removed. Then, tap the Go button.
Use the Clone Stamp tool to remove defects and duplicate objects.
As needed, adjust the Stamp Size, Hardness, or Opacity.
To wipe out what was just cloned, use Eraser
As needed, adjust Eraser Size and Hardness as well as Opacity.


For more information on the app, please watch the video tutorials in-app.
Here are some tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of the app’s tools.

TouchRetouch is now available.

ADVA Soft, a developer for Handy Photo, brings you TouchRetouch. We do our best to make photo editing apps that enhance your experience. Visit ADVA Soft’s website at for more information about the company as well as the apps it creates.
For any assistance with TouchRetouch, contact ADVA Soft Support at [email protected] welcomes all your inquiries, comments, or suggestions about the app.
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