PlayerPro Music Player MOD APK 5.28 (Paid for free)

This app is a free, unlimited version of PlayerPro Music Player that will start showing ads after a few days of usage. PlayerPro features a beautiful, …

Updated 2022/02/08
Size 12 MB
Version 5.28
Requires Android 4.0


This app is an unlimited, free version of PlayerPro Music Player. It displays ads after just a few days.
PlayerPro offers a fast, intuitive interface and powerful audio configuration options. You can also choose from a variety of free plugins that will complement PlayerPro: Skins, DSP pack…

PlayerPro Music Player can be used as a standalone application. After purchasing, please uninstall the free version.


* Search and play your music in many ways: by artists, composers and album artists; genres; songs; playlists and folders.

* View and play your videos.

* Listen to radios from around the globe.

Android Auto allows you to listen to your music while driving.

* Stream music, videos and radios from your TV to any Chromecast audio compatible device.

* Enhance your music collection with album artwork, composer/artist pictures and genre illustrations. You can choose from a variety of sources including ID3 tags (embedded art), SD card folders and Gallery app.

Install one of the many Skins to change the player’s user interface.

* You can customize the layout by choosing Grid and List views .

* View the lyrics embedded in your music files’ ID3 tags and edit them.

* ID3 tags are editable in either single or batch mode. It supports all audio formats (Mp3, Ogg Vorbis. Flac. Wav. Aif. Dsf. Wm., Opus. and Speex). There are up to 15 tag fields including advanced ones such as artworks, ratings, groups, and BPMs.

* Default Mixable Audio Effects: A 5 band graphic equalizer that includes 15 default presets, stereo widthning, reverb, bass boost, volume control, and volume control.

* Additional professional DSP plugin: High quality audio (up to 32 bits, 384kHz), 10 band graphic equalizer with 20 default presets. Pre-Amp control, Bass boost control, Stereo widening control. Optional mono output. Gapless playback. Auto/Manual crossfade. Replay gain. Audio Limiter. To install the plugin, go to Settings > Audio.

* Supports music statistics: Recent addTop rated, Most played. Recently played. Least played. You can create smart playlists with the amazing playlist editor. It offers many criteria: artist, title, composer, year, comment, length, year, date added/modified. BPM, rating. Skip count. Last played. File path.

* You can import and export music history and ratings from your favorite desktop music player.

* Music folder selection: Limit your music library to one folder.

* Choose from 2 lock screen widgets With customization options: sound toggle, unlock slider, skip tracks with volume buttons, swipe gestures and background selection.

* 5 home screen widgets (x1, 2×2, 3×3, 3×3, 4×4, and 4×4). You can customize all devices with 6 different skins, the option to display an artist’s picture instead of the album artwork, and ratings, etc.

* Google Drive backup/restore: Automatically backup your playlists and music stats to Google Drive.

* Compatible with most Scribblers.

* With fade out.

* Share text notifications album/artist art on your favorite Social Networks.

* Headset support. You can customize long press and triple/triple press actions.

* Library comprehensive search. Voice search, Google Assistant.

* Swipe gestures: To skip songs, double tap or long-press to pause/resume playback, swipe album art.

* Shake It: Give your phone a shake to play next/previous songs (e.g. shop top to bottom tomTop to play next/the final song).

You can also find many other features!

What’s new

-The new radio browser gives you the ability to listen to radio stations around the globe.
-You can choose from more than 50000 radios
-Stream radios to any Chromecast Audio compatible device or TV.
-Add any radio to your favorites
-Share what radio station you listen to with others
-Radio information and links to radio stations websites.
-Other performance and stability fixes
– Translations updated

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