Deplike: Guitar Effects Pedals MOD APK (Unlocked)

Deplike lets you enjoy a full studio guitar setup from your phone and tablet. Install Deplike and get your dream pedalboard, amps and cabinets in your …
Updated 2021/09/26
Size 93.74 MB
Requires Android 5.0
You can enjoy Deplike from your smartphone or tablet. Deplike allows you to have your ideal pedalboard, amps, and cabinets right in your pocket. It’s easy to use and plug and play. You can connect your guitar to your tablet or phone and use effects pedals, real tube amplifiers and cabinets with your smartphone or tablet.
Deplike Features
-15 great-sounding Amp simulations with low latency
-Tangerine Rocker 100
-SLO 100
-Dual Recto
-SVT Bass
-Deplike Wip
-Fox AC30
-Deplike Acoustic Amp
-Deplike Deluxe (free)
-Deplike ANRG
-Deplike Crafter
-Deplike DST (free).
Deplike also has 21 guitar effects pedals: OD 808, Classic Overdrive, MetalHead Distortion and Full Blast Distortion. Additional features include Guitar Tuner, Preset sharing and Backing track.    

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